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Bread recipes for the next grill party!

Whether burger buns, flatbread or foccacia, let yourself be inspired by our recipe ideas for the next barbecue party and simply bake the fresh side dish yourself.

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Dr. Oetker Sprinkle Decor

For refining ice cream, chocolate cake, tarts and confectionery. Your imagination has no limits.

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Dr. Oetker ice powder

Making ice cream can be so easy! Make up your very own ice cream creation without an ice machine.

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Recipe book

Dr. Oetker Baking is fun 36: Ice Cream & Desserts

Trendy eye-catchers and classic ice cream creations quickly prepared.

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Dessert Sauce

Dr. Oetker Vanilla sauce 1 L

Suitable for ice cream, chocolate cake, Buchteln and only available here.

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Dr. Oetker jam sugar 2: 1 for strawberry jam

Prepared quickly and easily in just 3 minutes.

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Dr. Oetker Cream cake custard

Our classic! Prepare the popular pastry in no time at all.

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baking mixtures

Dr. Oetker Marble Brownies

16 delicious marble brownies quickly and easily prepared.

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Welcome to the Dr. Oetker Shop

If you like to be creative when baking you are on the right track. Just explore the sweet world of baking and experience the Dr. Oetker variety of products in a brand new dimension - including fast and comfortable delivery directly to your home.

A wide variety of treats

The smell of a freshly baked cake not only waters your mouth, it also creates a cosy atmoshphere at home. Baking relaxes and gives you joy, no matter whether you do it for your family or friends. With the right ingredients the fun is even bigger. In order o make your little and big baking adventures as comfortable as possible the Dr. Oetker online shop offers you a vast variety of useful baking ingredients, charming decors, artful baking mixtures and delicious desserts – now available online with fast and convenient delivery directly to your home. No matter whether you are searching for the right product for preserving or whether you are running out of your luscious Vitalis muesli, you will find the perfect offer to suit you right here. Just flick through the Dr. Oetker assortment and explore our vast variety of delicious treats. 

Dr. Oetker recipe books

You are always searching for new recipes or need a gift for friends? Then have a look at the Dr. Oetker recipe books (in German only)! Be inspired by a huge amount of delicious recipes with guaranteed success or extend your recipe collection and get your favourite books with just a click free of shipping costs directly and conveniently to your home.

Rely on well-proven brand quality, rely on Dr. Oetker – Qualität ist das beste Rezept.